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"Your brand content is your most valuable asset to leverage on in marketing, it's free, it's authentic, and it's yours. Creating content and building a strategy is your best game plan!"


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Video Marketing Video Marketing and 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Do It! (7/27/2016) - Video marketing is evolving into dimensions bigger than we ever imagined. It speaks volume for the message you want to convey. What will take you a week of social media captions will only take you 30 seconds of video snippets. It’s engaging, it’s provocative, it’s new media.
Pokemon Go Pokemon Go and where every business should go! (7/19/2016) - Are we witnessing the craziest phenomenon of modern times in the recent rise of the Pokemon Go? Are businesses ready to cash in on the “Pokemon effect?”

The iPhone and Android game may have appeared to be an overnight success. But we are in for a big surprise if we’re given a chance to peek into the “big picture” story of how this phenomenal game started.

Brexit Brexit and the Future of the Digital Economy (7/5/2016) - Yes, it is probably too soon to speculate, but there is no harm in being prepared. It’s high time for creative people in the digital economy to find solutions to the underlying problem that resulted in the Brexit scenario.

The future of digital business will remain bright, no matter how the tides might change. It’s just a matter of having the right perspective to go through this interesting stage in the global economy.


It’s a crowded world out there for entrepreneurs, business owners and startup founders, we know because we are in the business of creating content for brands so they can stand out using their own voice, their own stories. Everything we do here is story-centric and if you think your brand does not have the luxury of telling your own story? leave it to us, we are good listeners that’s why we are the perfect storytellers for you!