How to Make Your Social Media Advertising Work

It takes two to have a successful social media advertising, listen to what your target audience has to say. Don’t always go on a feeding frenzy, find out if your audience is enjoying and consuming your content. Does it fit their lifestyle? Their life cycle?

Original Content Matters More in 2018 than Ever Before

Original content matters - still.  Information has crossed the breach, from being helpful to a noisy and annoying source of traffic online. More and...

4 Reasons Why You Need Customer-Centric Online Marketing Content

Content creators need to guide their target audience and to do this you need to let them feel that you understand their choices, that...

A Content Marketing Approach for Singapore Food and Beverage Industry

I think this can then provide a lot of opportunity for Singapore food and beverage owners to be creative. The traditional and most efficient way of winning customers in this business is to get as many people from their home to go to your restaurant or hawker stall. That is where you meet your sales target, and if you have awesome food to present then, it’s a sure thing that they will end up being your mouthpiece in their home and circle of friends.

Unleash the power of collaboration in the digital age

Digital age collaboration, what does this really mean? George is a digital marketer. He runs a small marketing firm in Singapore, and he has quite...
SpaceX and Marketing

SpaceX, The Curious Culture & The Marketers

So SpaceX landed last Friday - on a floating droneship. Ladies and gentlemen these are stuff that we can only read in sci-fi stories. When man first steps on the moon, it was “one giant leap for mankind”. With what SpaceX did, the narrative is now “one step closer to the stars.” Yes, we live in very exciting times right now, though I still look forward to the flying cars which I first saw on The Jetsons. I want to talk about how the conversation brought about by a curious culture placed SpaceX where it is now, not on a landing pad but in a spotlight that makes it the hottest talk of the town as I write.

Why Storytelling for Business is Just Like Dating

There are different ways of telling a story. For everyone else, stories can be random and quick as long as it is relevant to the people having conversations. But for an entrepreneur, there has to be a purpose. There has to be a reason for our stories. We need tools to make our storytelling structured, intentional and purposeful.

Why It’s Important to Understand Customer Behaviour Before Writing Content

It just make sense for everyone doing content to be on track and write tons of content, some brands might have a chunk of their budget to spend for brand journalists that would be their main arsenal in self-publishing their content, but the overarching question is this - does your brand have enough understanding of how your customer is behaving and where they are consuming their preferred content? It is one thing to be zealous in getting your content out there in the public arena, but it requires a different level of mastery to create content that would make sense to your target audience.

Create Standout Content from these Simple Questions

Anyone involved in B2B marketing is in constant pursuit to create standout content. But given the amount of content being created on the internet,...