Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Shift From Traditional to Digital Marketing

There is a great reason to be concerned about the title of this blog post, one of them is that the confusion resulting from the value and goal of writing a content on this topic. But yes, you are reading it right, this is a blog post (digital) that talks about shifting from traditional marketing (print, radio, television) to digital marketing (inbound, social media, content). It’s meant to push an event that we will be having in Cebu, Philippines next month and we are quite excited to bring these insights back home and probably help brands build their value and audience through a digital approach.

Is Content Marketing Still A Thing?

Content marketing is still steadily holding on to its role as a strategic marketing approach. But there is still a big challenge convincing business owners that it requires focus on doing two things consistently

Why Content Marketing is No Monkey Business

It’s the Chinese New Year and according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, this year is the year of the monkey. One of the strengths of the monkey is being innovative. And if we are to be zealous about the direction to which this belief is founded on, then people born in this year has some good innovations in store for us. But I am no fortune teller, and if I could, I would just guess what would be the next viral topic and write about it. But something I can write now in the light of the festive season, (I am based in Singapore, and believe me, this is one of the most awesome places to be in during CNY) is about how most brands still think that content marketing is something that is not worth investing in.

7 Ideas for Your Content Marketing Videos in 2016 (That you can do on...

During the early years of our existence in the video content production business, we have been approached by some clients to do video content for them in varying formats, but we can safely say that majority of these videos are product-centric, and we need the money during that time. So what we did was we gave into filling that “corporate” vacuum, where almost everyone thought that one corporate video can help build their brand. (I am writing a separate blog to explain why you don’t need a corporate video, more on that next time.)

Personalized Content as a Key Marketing Strategy

Personalized content caters to more than half of online users, and it has no signs of slowing down. But are you keeping up as digital marketing matures to a whole new level? Creating content that is tailored to what your consumer needs and where they are on the buying process is key to having a successful content strategy.
F&B Videos Singapore

F&B Videos: Telling Stories Behind Great Tasting Cuisines

“ Many food businesses start out well, but tend to flounder after a few months when the initial hype fades. That’s when they start...

How to Make Your Social Media Advertising Work

It takes two to have a successful social media advertising, listen to what your target audience has to say. Don’t always go on a feeding frenzy, find out if your audience is enjoying and consuming your content. Does it fit their lifestyle? Their life cycle?

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be a Storyteller

So how can you be a storytelling entrepreneur? We have listed a handful of guide questions below that should be enough to bring you closer to the golden age of your storytelling journey.

Why Storytelling for Business is Just Like Dating

There are different ways of telling a story. For everyone else, stories can be random and quick as long as it is relevant to the people having conversations. But for an entrepreneur, there has to be a purpose. There has to be a reason for our stories. We need tools to make our storytelling structured, intentional and purposeful.