Storytelling is not about selling

Traditional selling requires a mathematical, calculated and much less human approach to achieve your target sales. But either we accept it or not, the tides have changed. Most sales training and advice are usually based on a fundamental concept that the sellers are in control - not anymore! In the previous years, there has been a shift in power from the seller to the buyer.
right questions that you need to ask your customers

What are the right questions that you need to ask your customers?

Does it ever cross your mind, what are the questions you need to ask your customers? Yes, it matters that you know what they are looking for, the problems that they are trying to solve. How do they measure success and how would your brand bring them closer to that success.
Google I/O 2016

Google I/O 2016: Abodes that are Humble no More

So everyone is scrambling to catch the Google Home wave in the recently concluded Google I/O 2016. And to say that the future is here is an understatement. It is more like - the future is here, there and everywhere! (let us have that one minute pause in remembrance of The Beatles). Sundar Pichai puts it very bluntly short of apocalyptic; “Looking to the future, the next big step will be for the very concept of the ‘device’ to fade away.” And when someone like Google’s CEO opens his mouth, we better not blink an ear.
fail safe formula for content creation

Fail-safe Formula for Content Creation

Is there such thing as a fail-safe formula for content creation? Let’s dig deeper. In all walks of life, the internet has played a major role in communication. And communication in most part requires the creation of content
SpaceX and Marketing

SpaceX, The Curious Culture & The Marketers

So SpaceX landed last Friday - on a floating droneship. Ladies and gentlemen these are stuff that we can only read in sci-fi stories. When man first steps on the moon, it was “one giant leap for mankind”. With what SpaceX did, the narrative is now “one step closer to the stars.” Yes, we live in very exciting times right now, though I still look forward to the flying cars which I first saw on The Jetsons. I want to talk about how the conversation brought about by a curious culture placed SpaceX where it is now, not on a landing pad but in a spotlight that makes it the hottest talk of the town as I write.

Content Can Make or Break your Social Media Space

What does it take to fuel engagement on your brand’s social media space? Simply put, your audience should know what you are doing. They should be able to experience the value that you promise. And they should trust that you can deliver according to promise. The success of your social messages is not dependent on the frequency of your content. Your content should be relatable, reliable and relevant.

Start by Leveraging on Content

I have always been a designer by heart; I design solutions from my younger days as an engineering student I was already designing a...

Why Content Marketing is No Monkey Business

It’s the Chinese New Year and according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, this year is the year of the monkey. One of the strengths of the monkey is being innovative. And if we are to be zealous about the direction to which this belief is founded on, then people born in this year has some good innovations in store for us. But I am no fortune teller, and if I could, I would just guess what would be the next viral topic and write about it. But something I can write now in the light of the festive season, (I am based in Singapore, and believe me, this is one of the most awesome places to be in during CNY) is about how most brands still think that content marketing is something that is not worth investing in.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be a Storyteller

So how can you be a storytelling entrepreneur? We have listed a handful of guide questions below that should be enough to bring you closer to the golden age of your storytelling journey.