Content strategy

4 Layers of an Engaging Content [Case Study]

I have been asked over and over again, how do you fit all those stories in your head? Is there a formula to tell a client’s story? Honestly, if you ask me now? I would not know the answer; I just kept doing it until it becomes something that I enjoy doing that I hardly pay attention how I do it. But in this post, I will take you through 4 layers of an engaging content and how you can do it yourself, I will be using a mock case study (though I wish to tell a similar story, if you are a chef looking for something like this, get in touch with us - seriously, give us a call)

5 Reasons to Self-publish; A Digital Content Publishing Tool

The landscape of the way customers are consuming content has changed a lot, and brands need to meet the high demands for content. They can have a few ways to do it; one of them is to set aside a budget for content and outsource the production to media agencies (both small and big) the other way is what most brands are doing - they can pull strings together from within their available resources and produce on their own.