Marketing video budget

Can a Marketing Video Be Done on a Tight Budget?

It’s every marketing department head’s nightmare, to hear the big boss say “We need to cut down on our marketing video budget this year, but I expect you to roll out more campaigns.” It’s that feeling of running towards a dark alley knowing that Freddie Krueger is just around the corner waiting to give you that high five before he does what he does best. But that is not what I will be talking about today. Almost every business no matter how passionate their entrepreneurial spirit is, have gone through certain stages of bottlenecks in their operations especially in the budget side of things. It’s that time when company priorities go haywire, where the finance department is the scariest place to be.
Video content marketing

How Much Video Content Can You Produce in Half a Day?

Most content creators spend time worrying about the logistics, what camera to use, what lenses to bring, ambient sound, script, budget, etc. The simplest way to do this effectively is to walk on a film set with unparalleled enthusiasm to tell a story. So if you have the right tools in hand and well prepared, half a day is a lot of content for you. Once you roll your camera, and you are set to talk about a specific topic, you can film a whole year series of 90-second videos that you can deploy each month on your platform. That is how far a half a day shoot can bring you.