Why Sales People Need to Start Telling Stories – Now!

In the content marketing agenda, it has been a norm to talk about the role of marketers in coming up with a compelling proposition. Enough to drive an almost one-sided conversation that storytelling is better left to the marketers. We seem to have that scary idea that those who are in charge of lead generation and inbound activities are the only storytellers in the room. If you are from the sales team, it’s time to stand up!
Video content marketing

How Much Video Content Can You Produce in Half a Day?

Most content creators spend time worrying about the logistics, what camera to use, what lenses to bring, ambient sound, script, budget, etc. The simplest way to do this effectively is to walk on a film set with unparalleled enthusiasm to tell a story. So if you have the right tools in hand and well prepared, half a day is a lot of content for you. Once you roll your camera, and you are set to talk about a specific topic, you can film a whole year series of 90-second videos that you can deploy each month on your platform. That is how far a half a day shoot can bring you.