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In Content Marketing, You are Connecting and Not Informing

Human beings are designed to respond to something that touches their emotions. You could have all the vast numbers in your infographic statistic, all the huge dollar revenues that you got from your campaign, but all these are just information to the human eye.

7 Ideas for Your Content Marketing Videos in 2016 (That you can do on...

During the early years of our existence in the video content production business, we have been approached by some clients to do video content for them in varying formats, but we can safely say that majority of these videos are product-centric, and we need the money during that time. So what we did was we gave into filling that “corporate” vacuum, where almost everyone thought that one corporate video can help build their brand. (I am writing a separate blog to explain why you don’t need a corporate video, more on that next time.)
Future Ready Content marketing

Is Your Content Marketing Future Ready?

And when you go out there and generate content for your brand, as long as it is your authentic voice you are already in a position of influence. Remember that the customers are more intelligent now than they were before, it’s all about what would benefit them and how your brand resonates with them in finding a solution to their current need. Are you future ready in your content marketing for 2016?

5 Reasons to Self-publish; A Digital Content Publishing Tool

The landscape of the way customers are consuming content has changed a lot, and brands need to meet the high demands for content. They can have a few ways to do it; one of them is to set aside a budget for content and outsource the production to media agencies (both small and big) the other way is what most brands are doing - they can pull strings together from within their available resources and produce on their own.

Does size matter in content marketing strategy?

You have probably given it a thought for quite some time now if content marketing strategy is only for the big players, companies who have hundreds of employees on their payroll. “It makes practical sense” you probably told yourself, “why would a small brand like me even bother to generate content”. Well, I have something to reveal to you that would probably change your way of thinking. Popular brands who have the huge following are using the same platform as you are, they are on Facebook, they have Twitter accounts, they are everywhere on social media. The slight difference is that they are leveraging on this platform to draw their audience.

4 Reasons Why You Need Customer-Centric Online Marketing Content

Content creators need to guide their target audience and to do this you need to let them feel that you understand their choices, that...

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