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Brand Story

Create Your Brand Story in 60 Seconds

It’s a matter of starting off with the right foot in your storytelling journey, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid spending more time in “informing” the audience about your identity but in creating a relatable experience for them. Your goal is to have your audience say “yes, I understand, and I care” after reading or watching your brand story. If your audience just says “now I know” then you have successfully informed them but not enough to make them care, to make them stay to whatever you have to say next.
Content strategy

4 Layers of an Engaging Content [Case Study]

I have been asked over and over again, how do you fit all those stories in your head? Is there a formula to tell a client’s story? Honestly, if you ask me now? I would not know the answer; I just kept doing it until it becomes something that I enjoy doing that I hardly pay attention how I do it. But in this post, I will take you through 4 layers of an engaging content and how you can do it yourself, I will be using a mock case study (though I wish to tell a similar story, if you are a chef looking for something like this, get in touch with us - seriously, give us a call)

The Story Behind Brand Storytelling, How Is It Done?

You start from WHY your customer would care about what you do. The problem with most brands is that they start from what they do, and they linger with why they are better from competitors, and they justify it going back to explaining what they do. Talk less about yourself and you end up talking more about how you are providing value to your audience.

Does size matter in content marketing strategy?

You have probably given it a thought for quite some time now if content marketing strategy is only for the big players, companies who have hundreds of employees on their payroll. “It makes practical sense” you probably told yourself, “why would a small brand like me even bother to generate content”. Well, I have something to reveal to you that would probably change your way of thinking. Popular brands who have the huge following are using the same platform as you are, they are on Facebook, they have Twitter accounts, they are everywhere on social media. The slight difference is that they are leveraging on this platform to draw their audience.

A Content Marketing Approach for Singapore Food and Beverage Industry

I think this can then provide a lot of opportunity for Singapore food and beverage owners to be creative. The traditional and most efficient way of winning customers in this business is to get as many people from their home to go to your restaurant or hawker stall. That is where you meet your sales target, and if you have awesome food to present then, it’s a sure thing that they will end up being your mouthpiece in their home and circle of friends.

Storytelling is not about selling

Traditional selling requires a mathematical, calculated and much less human approach to achieve your target sales. But either we accept it or not, the tides have changed. Most sales training and advice are usually based on a fundamental concept that the sellers are in control - not anymore! In the previous years, there has been a shift in power from the seller to the buyer.

Start by Leveraging on Content

I have always been a designer by heart; I design solutions from my younger days as an engineering student I was already designing a...

Talenthoot: Starting Up What’s Your Story

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Bromo: Pinoygraphers Expedition

Relive the glory of capturing one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia with the Pinoygraphers.

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