Why It’s Important to Understand Customer Behaviour Before Writing Content

Posted on March 30, 2016 Under Blogs 0 Comments

Customer behavior

It just make sense for everyone doing content to be on track and write tons of content, some brands might have a chunk of their budget to spend for brand journalists that would be their main arsenal in self-publishing their content, but the overarching question is this – does your brand have enough understanding of how your customer is behaving and where they are consuming their preferred content?

It is one thing to be zealous in getting your content out there in the public arena, but it requires a different level of mastery to create content that would make sense to your target audience.

Phil is a real estate agent who has just started finding his way in the busy marketplace of developers, realtors and investors. He starts his day searching on google what the latest trends are, specifically he is interested in hiring a coach. Phil typed “real estate coach”. And the first three websites listed have their way of bringing in potential students to their training centers.

This is what Phil sees in the Google search result page:

Company 1 The best real estate coach
Try my proven formula for nine days, and avail of our platinum package to be the best real estate coach on the planet

Company 2 Get your money’s worth when you hire us
Get 400% guaranteed earnings in real estate when you take our weekend class starting next month. Limited offer

Company 3 The top 5 things you need to do first as a new real estate agent
Being a real estate agent is no easy task, and we hope to guide you from crafting your pitch to providing relevant insights to your target customers.

Which company website do you think Phil will visit?

If you chose the first two companies then you need to revisit your strategy, it’s focused on yourself and not on the customer. Only the third company has real value for Phil.

And this is what customers are looking for; this is what ticks the customer to find out more about a brand. And quite sadly, this is what most brands are not comfortable in doing especially in creating content.

The third company understands Phil as a buyer persona; they know what value they can add to a new real estate agent. The first company has a more general approach and in the end, they end up talking to no one but themselves.

Does your strategy even include understanding your customer’s behavior? Or is it a straight line that points to what your company as a product/service provider?

There’s no harm in changing your mindset.