Create Your Brand Story in 60 Seconds

Brand Story

How is this even possible?

It’s a matter of starting off with the right foot in your storytelling journey, and the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid spending more time in “informing” the audience about your identity but in creating a relatable experience for them.

Your goal is to have your audience say “yes, I understand, and I care” after reading or watching your brand story. If your audience just says “now I know” then you have successfully informed them but not enough to make them care, to make them stay to whatever you have to say next.

Brands have done a lot of ways to create content for their marketing agendas, but those who succeeded in sharing an experience through stories are the ones who got most of the attention.

Think high school prom, the poor dude on stage giving instructions what to do and what not to do and welcoming everyone to the prom is in an absorbing situation. He gets to talk a lot but what he said won’t be part of any conversation long after the prom has ended. And what do students bring with them when they get out from high school, find a job and start their family? It’s the experience; it’s the journey of the first date, the first kiss, the first drink. These are stories worth keeping, and enough reason for everyone on this planet to sit down and remember that experience in a vivid way.

Ok, enough of the prom night. Let’s get back to the internet, the social media and whatever comes after that from here. The brands who chose to be on the stage to remind, inform and preach to the audience can keep doing that for as long as they want to, but those brands who chose to share and experience, build audiences through their stories and converse with their audience, they are the ones who are winning the audience game.

This is the beauty of brand stories, but how do you create a 60-second experience for your audience?

1. Be specific
– You only have 60 seconds of exposure, if you will not be specific you might end up working on a full feature film. Just discuss and emphasize in one specific area, it can be a customer journey, a product how-to or a valuable insight from you.

2. Be authentic
– Try to avoid being everything and everyone and just be yourself, your message will not come across clearly if you are forcing yourself to be someone you are not.

3. Be personal
– Share your story in a way that your audience will feel that it is a human being that they are listening to, and it’s not a recorded narration being read from a newspaper. If you get the hang of this, you get to tell better stories as you evolve and mature as a brand.

If you spend 20 seconds to fill in each of these sections in your audio for your podcast or video for your Youtube channels, you get to have your brand story in 60 seconds. Yes, it takes time to come up with a cohesive brand story content, but this is your best starting point if you want to do it on your own.

You need not do it to perfection at this stage, just enjoy the process and have fun. As long as you are telling stories that are worth listening to, you will get there in no time at all.

So go ahead and try it and do a little experiment with your friends, or your colleagues and share with us what you can come up with. We will be happy to join you in the process as well.