Content Strategy for Small Brands for just 30 Minutes a Day!

Content Strategy for Small Brands for just 30 Minutes a Day!

Content strategy is expensive, for big brands, that is. But content strategy for small brands is a colossal feat, one that requires an almost rocket science understanding of how to make it work – or is it?

The advantage of a small brand over a big one is the ability to level the playing field. Yes, big brands have more budget, bigger teams and a wide range of platforms to showcase and distribute content. Your brand (our brand) is smaller. We don’t have what they have in terms of content arsenal, but we can bank on the truth that The modern consumer is easily wooed by the story behind a brand and deciding how that aligns with their own values. They are no longer “One size fits all.”

Small brands who can tell their stories well are in a winning position to take over a certain chunk of the market. If your online visitors can relate to your visual content, they are more likely to become paying and loyal customers. The modern mobile, social and local consumers, differentiating your brand is key. One way to differentiate your brand is through authentic engagement. Smaller brands have the advantage of being in “close proximity” with their audience. Compared to bigger brands, the heart of the brand story can easily get lost in the marketing and brand jargons. Not to mention the bureaucracy of content (yes, we have worked with clients who would need approval from higher-ups before posting content, by the time their bosses give a green light – content is already irrelevant)

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Content strategy is like diet and exercise; if you want results, you need to invest. The challenge for small brands is not the lack of time but lack of focus #contentstrategy #contentmarketing Click To Tweet

If you got this far, I am quite sure you are convinced that you need a strategy. No matter the size of your brand is, you need a strategy. But for most brands, time is the endgame. No matter how you want to roll out a strategy, with your size, it would be difficult to cope up with everything that is happening around you.

Good news, here are some practical steps that you can do for 30 minutes a day to start tapping into the potential of content strategy. This is not an overnight thing. This is not a one-hit wonder. Once you get used to it, it’s a matter of enjoying the fruits of your discipline.

What can you do for 30 minutes a day to get your strategy up and running.

Research (15 minutes)

With your size, spending 10 minutes a day on research can be a game changer. I am talking about focused research. Find a website or a platform where you think all the information you need is well documented with blogs and educational content. And all you have to do is read and take notes of sections that you think you have an insight on.


You are reading a blog on how to make B2C marketing work. What can you say about that blog? Do you agree? Why? If not, then why? What makes your idea relevant to the people you are talking to? Do you know something that the blog writer did not know? This is cakewalk, if and only if you know what you are doing in your business.

Schedule and deploy (10 minutes)

After reading 2-3 blogs and coming up with your own insights write your own blog on the topic. Link it to the original blog, quote the blogger and then say your piece. Send the blog to your mailing list (use MailChimp). Post your blog on your website and then break down those blogs into 3-4 social content post. Diversify. The types of content you can post can be:

  • Blog links
  • Infographic
  • Meme
  • CTA
  • Interactive (quiz and surveys)

Your goal is to get busy on your social channel and get in touch with the potential customers on your mailing list.

Measure (5 minutes)

After doing all these, it all boils down to measuring if your efforts are paying off. Look at the engagement, find out which content has the most engagement and anchor your style on that one. This will give you an idea what your audience wants.

This is a 30 minutes a day exercise. For a six-day work week, that is just 3 hours of work off your plate. If you can stretch one hour in one go, then you only need to do it three times a week.

Anything too difficult about this execution strategy? I don’t think so. As small brands, our discipline in execution is what would allow us to go big in our strategy.

Content strategy is like diet and exercise; if you want results, you need to invest. The challenge for small brands is not the lack of time but lack of focus. Cut down on Netflix, and instead start telling your own stories.

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