4 Video Marketing TRENDS in 2021 plus Tips for the FUTURE of Video

4 Video Marketing TRENDS in 2021 plus Tips for the FUTURE of Video

What are the video marketing trends in 2021? How should you design your strategies in online video marketing what does video marketing for small businesses look like? Find out the marketing trends in our new episode. If you have not done so yet, you will learn why you need to start video marketing this 2021!

We will be bidding goodbye to 2020 soon with the hope that the challenges we faced this year will make us better individuals in the years to come, including the challenges in marketing that brought us to unfamiliar territory.

 With advances in digital devices and streaming services, the use of video to market your business has evolved well beyond the comfort of our preferred device. Thanks to people’s changing viewing habits – 80% of US consumers are locked in on a streaming service subscription, almost the same percentage of people watch videos online and daily.

 Faster devices mean better access to these videos.

Statista defines video advertising as “all ad formats within the web- or app-based video players.” This includes the video ads that show before, during, or after a streaming video and the text- or image-based ads that appear over a video. What was your experience the last time you watched a YouTube video? These videos are the ones we love to skip, but when was the last time you saw an advertisement that does not include a video with it?

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