5 Reasons to Self-publish; A Digital Content Publishing Tool

5 Reasons to Self-publish; A Digital Content Publishing Tool

The landscape of the way customers are consuming content has changed a lot, and brands need to meet the high demands for content. They can have a few ways to do it; one of them is to set aside a budget for content and outsource the production to media agencies (both small and big) the other way is what most brands are doing – they can pull strings together from within their available resources and produce on their own.

So why is the latter more efficient?

1. You get to create content based on your own authentic voice.
There is no better source of your brand message than your own. Imagine the impact of your team writing about work culture and how passionate they are in reaching the same goal not only to benefit them but the company as well.

2. It will not be difficult to find relevant content sources.
Just look at your calendar, you can easily find an event scheduled or even that quarterly staff meeting. These are great opportunities you can create content for publishing, whether its a walk through video of your team process, a series of updates on the creative direction that your brand is taking or even just providing a platform for your audience to participate in your ideation and planning.

3. The consistency of the content to your brand message will not be a problem.
If the content will be self-published. You have that certainty that your people can be consistent with the overall message you are trying to convey to your audience.

4. Diverse internal channels to tap into.
How many departments do you have in your company? What are they doing individually? Grab a camera or hire a videographer and just sit down with your team leaders and have a casual chat over coffee – you now have a thought leadership video where agendas in your industry are being discussed by experts.

5. It’s fun, and everyone in your team can be part of the whole process.
You have to accept the fact that a whole year of office work is just plain boring. Self-published content can be a mini-project of the departments under you. And probably at the end of the year, you can have something like an “Oscars for Content” where you give simple recognition to the best performers, those whose content generated more leads, social media shares, etc. Are you starting to imagine how fun it’s going to be?

There are still numerous reasons we can write here, but it all boils down on designing your internal strategy, try to audit your manpower. You might have a prolific writer from your admin of finance team, maybe some of your developers are all graphic designers. And high chances are, you have someone on your team who is social media savvy.

Imagine how much it would cost you to outsource this whole team to an agency.

And you need to put in extra effort to guide these agencies, to provide a platform for them to understand better your brand message. Why spend tons of money when you have a small team to leverage on?

At the end of the day, you will still need to publish content.

Would you do it on your own or find other channels that can provide these for you? Share with us on the comment below.

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