7 Ideas for Your Content Marketing Videos in 2016 (That you can do on your own!)

7 Ideas for Your Content Marketing Videos in 2016 (That you can do on your own!)

During the early years of our existence in the video content production business, we have been approached by some clients to do video content for them in varying formats, but we can safely say that majority of these videos are product-centric, and we need the money during that time. So what we did was we gave into filling that “corporate” vacuum, where almost everyone thought that one corporate video can help build their brand. (I am writing a separate blog to explain why you don’t need a corporate video, more on that next time.) Here are seven ideas for your content marketing videos that we think are worth discussing in the meeting room with your team.

| Your goal is to do it yourself and save tons of money in the process. (If you still find it difficult to do on your own, our team can guide you!) |

Let’s cut to the chase and just talk about the main menu in ala carte!

1.Talk about your corporate identity & share tips how others can come up with their own
One way to build your audience is if you can share a part of your company in a unique way while helping them build their own. Why not shoot a 90-second video that talks about how you came up with the idea for your company logo? You might think that it might not interest your audience, but if you can share a few tricks on how others can come up with their brand identity, you are helping them big time.

2. Invite a client to talk about the success of the project you did for them and encourage them to inspire future clients
Ok, in general not much customer will be willing to do this. But I think that one or two of your clients in a year will be kind enough to walk with you on this. Give it a try and you will learn from that experience as well as the audience that would watch your video.

3. Give predictions based on what you think people can expect in your industry
I think you are old enough (in the industry) to be bold enough to predict what the trends would be like. Give it a try and I tell you, you will get used to it.

4. Do that fun, trivial, tutorial about that one interesting thing you are doing in your business
Let’s say your company provides house moving services. You can always share about how to pack things safely before the moving day. And provide ringside information on the best practices with regards to which things go out first.

5. Invite your team to talk about their respective roles and how it adds value to the overall mission of your company in serving your clients
Don’s just bring your team in the conference room to scold them, give them a voice, give them a platform that they will be proud of what they are doing. And believe me, once you get that page views with the videos featuring your staff, you have boosted employee morale more than what the year-end bonus can give.

6. Live Q & A with your customers
If you are still not on Periscope, then this is the best time to start using it. There is a lot of hype how this app will usher the new era of digital marketing and content creation. It would be fun to have your customers participate on a regular basis with the brand value building that you are doing for your company

7. Film your tea breaks and what you usually discuss over a cup of coffee and biscuits.
Among all the ideas we have presented to you, this is probably the funniest stuff to work on. You can talk about any topic under the sun and just let your team participate in the discussion. You can even do this on a regular basis where your customers can email questions about your business model.

We hope these ideas will ring a bel. Help you to decide and start spending time doing video content that you can distribute to the various channels that you have.

Again, if you still think that this is not your cup of tea, but you are convinced that you need to do this, get in touch with us, and we would be glad to help you on your content creation journey.

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