Avoiding the usual marketing video mistakes in your content strategy is not an easy feat. A marketing video yields incredible results, but it takes a lot of planning and thought-organizing. There are tons of options out there when it comes to what tools you can use, but if you are not careful enough you might use up a huge amount of time and effort and end up doing obvious marketing video mistakes.

It’s not a secret that by 2019 80% of all web traffic will be video, so what does that mean for your business?

Knowing what to avoid will most likely help you get off to a good start.

In this blog post we are rounding up the most obvious marketing video mistakes that entrepreneurs do when it comes to video marketing.

1. Not willing to invest

Anything that you will be doing to promote your brand would require a certain amount of investment – whether it is your time doing research, creating content or even just doing an elevator pitch, it all requires some form of investment. What are your options for producing your video content? If you are not really that video savvy, find a friend who can do it for you in exchange for a pair of movie tickets or find someone whom you can collaborate with. Youtube has tons of tutorials that can help you start from something if you need professional help our team will be willing to help you out.

2. Hard selling

No one wants to stare at a computer monitor, a tablet or a smartphone watching a bow-tied, pomade covered hair with expensive suits “sell” them a product. It’s a waste of energy to even produce a video that would just hard sell to the audience, the internet owes it to the pause button that videos like this are manageable.

3. Lack of clear message

What do you really want to say? Halfway through your video are you still mumbling about things that your audience don’t even care about? For our production workflow, we usually start with a simple spreadsheet with a list of topic or story ideas, then we do our research and build our own insights based on those research. When the camera starts rolling, make sure you got your act together.

4. No call to action

The deadliest of all digital marketing mistakes. Whatever the marketing activity is, having no CTA is a brand suicide. You need to always lead the audience to do something after watching your videos. Be it a link to a blog article that would solidify the thought and bring your target customer closer to the right side of their buyer’s journey. You need to have a CTA

5. Not optimizing your videos

When you categorize your videos, make sure that you use relevant keywords, titles, tags, and description. Google and Youtube both search the metadata that goes with every video uploaded on the web. Never skip this process.

6. Boring videos

Whatever your topic is, there is no excuse for boring videos. It should be considered a crime, wasting time on the internet. Your videos should have a purpose, and it needs to be engaging. Even if your topic is a bucket of white paint, there is not much about it when you think of it – but find a way to not make your videos boring, if you need to dip your camera on the bucket of paint, do so. That would be an excellence POV shot.

7. Not having a strategy in place

Find out why you are doing videos in the first place, don’t waste your and our time. Plan ahead, map your thought process and align it with specific goals.

8. Not tracking your videos

Where does your video go? Are people even watching it, make sure you track the results. Analytics provides objective data that you can use to improve your videos. Make use of these tools and improve your marketing video reach.

9. You are the center of the universe

One of the most obvious of the marketing video mistakes that content creators do is making themselves the center of attention. Avoid talking about yourself for a full 3 minutes, it’s not really helping anyone, not you, not me, not anyone. These videos should be about addressing a problem that your target customers might encounter, it should not be about grandstanding.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or you are just starting to figure out the ins and outs of your business, you definitely need to take a portion of the web traffic we mentioned earlier by wrapping your head around the first, proper, informative, engaging and entertaining video that you have to produce.

Hopefully, you will begin to avoid these mistakes and be a better storyteller to help you avoid doing these marketing video mistakes.

What are you waiting for, gear up and wear your film director’s hat and let the camera start to roll. Most of all, if you have done videos already, make sure to share it to us and we will be more than glad to provide you a constructive feedback.



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