Singapore has a reputation for being a food haven, true enough where else can you find a place where at every turn of HDB block, you can find hawker centres and if you want to satisfy your craving within the confines of an air conditioned location just step into any of the gazillion of malls, and you can find a place to eat.

Because of this, the F&B industry faces a lot of challenges as well, Spring Singapore released an article middle of this year that states only 6 in 10 F&B businesses last beyond 5 years. Almost half the cafes registered in 2011 has since closed down.

I think this can then provide a lot of opportunity for Singapore food and beverage owners to be creative. The traditional and most efficient way of winning customers in this business is to get as many people from their home to go to your restaurant or hawker stall. That is where you meet your sales target, and if you have awesome food to present then, it’s a sure thing that they will end up being your mouthpiece in their home and circle of friends.

What else can be done to create awareness while everyone else is doing this?

Why not do it in reverse? Why not bring the restaurant experience to your target customers. It’s not so much of giving away free-taste to everyone, but it’s more of finding creative ways to deliver that same experience.

Two Bakers is a cozy bakery/cafe down on Horne Road, more than the food that they serve, there is still a lot to experience to share, the minute we stepped into their cafe there is that warm, at home, friendly atmosphere. One can not miss that ambience; it’s quite evident, but things like this can only be felt and experienced before anyone would believe that it exist.

Instead of the usual high-resolution video footage of the mouth-watering foods, why not focus on the experience? This is your customer-centric content creation at work, it’s not an easy task but once you get the hang of it, you will reap the benefit of growing the loyal audience to your brand and not just one time customers.

Are you a food and beverage owner based in Singapore, where are you in your content creation journey?

The rest of the world is slowly evolving regarding operating their restaurant business, are you ready to share your story? Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we will walk with you in finding your voice and sharing a piece of that experience that you have always been known for.


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