We could all agree that social media transformed the “social” component of our lives. We can now experience digital media content. What was once a simple phone call to a friend, or a haouse visit has become a larger platform for shared experiences.

People can speak their minds out, and half of the time, we also have the tendency to speak sans our ability to think.

And that need for shared experience is what makes the technology even more engaging. And a giant like Facebook, it will never run out of ways to feed that increasing “hunger” to share an experience.

In the previous years, what Facebook has done is to build our well-established audience. And engage this audience through real-time conversations. Through broadcasting “live” events to your audience, there is greater opportunity to engage and converse. Compared to  Meerkat & Periscope, your live broadcast do not disappear on your timeline. Your audience can watch it at their preferred time.

What this does is it brings your fans one step closer to you. The shared experience has become even more personal. Joshua Topolsky wrote several years ago that Facebook does not want to be just your favorite destination, it wants to be the internet.

We owe it to Facebook’s focus on shared content. The world has become more connected than before. For content creators, there is a greater demand to create better content. Compelling, inspiring and not just our random thoughts directed at a random segment of our society.

As a content creator, I look forward to that time when inspiring, compelling and entertaining content will be the norm. The content that we will be creating should have at least a small impact on the society around us. Our responsibility as content creators is key to what is a better-shared experience. And we should be thankful that platforms such as Facebook Live is available for us to engage, inspire and entertain.

How have you used Facebook Live in your brand? Was it effective enough to increase your audience?


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