Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Able Youth Event

Able is a youth event poster design for a Singapore based Church.

Handog Worship Album

A worship album released in the Philippines, the scope of work includes concept and creative direction.


A self-portrait composite using photography, texture and typography.

Asian Beauty

For this artwork, I wanted to experiment on a brighter color and mix texture, vector sketches and stock photo.


Experimentation combining image tracing and vector illustration. This artwork was conceived while I was listening to a Bob Marley song. 

Alpha Booklet

A multi-lingual booklet design for Alpha Singapore.

Plutoneium Package and Print Design

Plutoneium is a Singapore based guitar pedal company and we were commissioned to design the packaging of the guitar pedal.


An impression from Derek Lea's book of graphic design. This is a composite of three photos aimed at creating that illusion of ripping the skin as if taking off one's clothes.

EDSA State of Mind

I was stuck in traffic once on a way to a client meeting, the meeting did not go as planned and I vent my frustration on this art/illustration.