Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Handog Worship Album

A worship album released in the Philippines, the scope of work includes concept and creative direction.


Experimentation combining image tracing and vector illustration. This artwork was conceived while I was listening to a Bob Marley song. 


A self-portrait composite using photography, texture and typography.


An impression from Derek Lea's book of graphic design. This is a composite of three photos aimed at creating that illusion of ripping the skin as if taking off one's clothes.

Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragon

We are a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and obviously, our favorite character is Dany the Mother of Dragons. This artwork is done on Adobe Illustrator and composited on Adobe Photoshop.

Philippine Independence Day Celebration

The Philippine Independence Day Celebration (PIDC) is an annual event held by the Filipino Community in Singapore. We were commissioned to design the annual magazine.

One Singapore: The One Ball

We were commissioned to design the gala night program booklet, the creative brief requires us to incorporate elegance and formality with the "star" element.