Sunday, September 24, 2023

Artificial Intelligence for Small Business Owners, Now Serving

Artificial intelligence for small business owners, would a small business owner like you have a fighting chance at shifting to a data-driven company? What if there is an easy way? Let’s explore a few ways which you can do this.

Why Storytelling for Business is Just Like Dating

There are different ways of telling a story. But for an entrepreneur, there has to be a purpose. There has to be a reason for our stories. We need tools to make our storytelling structured, intentional and purposeful.
Marketing video

Building Confidence in a Marketing Video Shoot

But how do you build confidence so you need not sound like you are making up things as you talk while being interviewed on the camera?
Video content marketing

How Much Video Content Can You Produce in Half a Day?

It’s a matter starting off on the right foot. What you do before production day is key to creating a compelling experience in a video for your target audience.

Storytelling is not about selling

Most sales training and advice are usually based on a fundamental concept that the sellers are in control - not anymore! In the previous years, there has been a shift in power from the seller to the buyer.

4 Reasons Why You Need Customer-Centric Online Marketing Content

Here are four reasons that we hope can convince you to start designing your online marketing content strategy that centers on your customers.

Start by Leveraging on Content

In the digital age, there is a constant need to be heard. More so in the business sphere, whatever you are selling or providing, you need to create digital content if you want to be heard.

Make Your Brand Story Work for You

The key is solving the problem, and no two companies are alike when it comes to providing the solution to these problems, even if they are selling the same product.