Thursday, June 4, 2020

BAM Lead Generation

An explainer video for a Singapore based agency aimed at helping their clients understand lead generation.

Homecoming: The Ateneo LSE Story

Probably our most inspiring project for the year, we get to visit the Middle East, Europe & parts of South East Asia to document stories of Overseas Filipinos who have willingly gone through a journey of growth and discovery

Singastoria: Little India

Check out our first Singastoria, a series of fun & interesting stories about Singapore from the lens of an expat storyteller.

Philippines: Reducing School Congestion

Commissioned by an agency in the Manila to work on project by the public and private sector.

Irayaweb Stories: Better Work Culture

What motivates us to serve our clients better? It is the experience of being part of a better work culture for them. This is what Iraya Web stands for; a solution-centric approach in designing custom applications for our clients.

SGTCM Spa: The Merging of Culture and Modernity!

Marketing video for a Singapore based spa reflecting their brand of culture and modernity.

Irayaweb Stories: Designing Corporate Efficiency

Irayaweb's passion goes beyond system design valuing growth and productivity for their clients.

Singastoria: Thieves Market

We paid a visit to capture this culture-rich flea market's vibe for the last time of the Thieves market

Singastoria: The Last Kampong

Make sure to visit Kampung Lorong Buangkok and relive the experience of life in its plain and simple form.