Monday, June 1, 2020

Boya BY MM1 Mini Shotgun Mic [Best Cheap Vlog Mic]

The Boya BY MM1 shotgun mic is probably the best cheap vlog mic in the market today. If you don’t have a Boya microphone yet, this will be a good addition.
Best Condenser Microphone

Best Condenser Microphone under $300 [NW700 VS MXL 960]

What is the Best Condenser Microphone under $300? Part of your vlogging task is to grab the best sets of condenser microphone for clear audio.
Best Vlogging Camera 2020

Best Vlogging Camera 2020 | Osmo Pocket

What is the best vlogging camera in 2020 for you?Here's my take on the Osmo Pocket, a very useful tool both for indoors and outdoor filming.
Posting Videos on YouTube Versus Facebook

Posting Videos on YouTube Versus Facebook, Which is Better?

In today's episode, I'm going to talk give the answer to the never-ending question, YouTube of FB?
YouTube View Count not Updating

YouTube View Count not Updating [FIXED!!]

You are probably not aware of this but this is something that most content creators are trying to fix!

How to Add Thumbnail on YouTube Video 2020 [Premiere Pro and Photoshop]

Quickly earn how to add thumbnail on YouTube video in this episode.
Types of Videos to Use for Your Business

Video Marketing Hacks – Top 5 Types of Videos to Use for Your Business

Are you creating the right types of videos for your business? What can you do and what value can you add to your audience?

Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business and Freelancers

It's a tricky task to figure out the best video marketing ideas for small business, your customers are waiting to see what you got to offer.

Sync Audio and Video in Less than a Minute

Do you sync your audio and video manually? How does this affect your editing?