Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Video Editing Beginners

Sync Audio and Video in Less than a Minute

Do you sync your audio and video manually? How does this affect your editing?
Edit Videos Faster

How to Edit Videos Faster Using Proxy Edit

Find out how easy it is to edit videos faster by using Proxy edit and playback resolution adjustments all in Premiere Pro!
Best Budget Vlogging Setup

Best Budget Vlogging Setup 2020 [For Small Youtubers]

If you are just starting then you can check this best budget vlogging setup for beginners. I shared the set of vlogging tools that I use for all my vlogs.

9 Tips to Increase Productivity in 2020

In our first episode for 2020, I shared nine tips on how you can increase your productivity and be more efficient.
beginner’s guide to video effects

Beginner’s Guide to Video Effects [Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to our beginner’s guide to video effects. For people wanting to learn video effects in Premiere Pro. Learn the basics of the effects panel here!

Video Production for SMEs: Part 4 Setting up Premiere Pro Workspace

Check out this simple walkthrough to get you up and started using Premiere Pro