No matter how good you are (you think) in your content marketing, your competitors are also having the time of their lives creating content. Sadly, Google can only hold a handful of the search results on the first page. And every content creator on the planet hopes to be on the spot – as badly as you need to.

So how do you create content that rises above the noise?

If you are convinced that almost all industries are leveraging on content to market their products and services, then the next thing that you need to be convinced with is that at these competitive times – you need to do something that would require extreme measures.

Yes, extreme measures. But how do ayou do this?

Know who you are

This is the genesis of content that rises above the noise. As a content writer, you should not expect that you can go far without knowing your own. It is easy to make a distinction when you go to a party when you hang out with your friends. They would easily know who is the loudest and who wears the apple green colored tie, but online it’s much difficult. You have to take into consideration that you are being represented by the content you create, by the words you say and write. That is a whole new ballgame so spend time finding out who you really are, what is your strength, what makes you different – that is your niche.

Write in your words

Never try to force yourself to do something in a way that is not unique to you. You could only persuade people in a way that you can best communicate your thought. And this is something that only you can own. Your sense of humor, your intellect, the amount of research you put will all reflect in the content that you create. Your content should not be a mouthpiece for other people. Speak through your words.

Create with a purpose

Content marketing is not depended on writing alone; this would involve case studies, infographics, podcasts, and webinars. But everything you will be creating must be for a specific purpose. Is this to sell a product? Is this for other people to talk about your brand? Is this to grow your audience? Is this to help your audience accomplish something? Never leave this out of your thought process. The purpose must be key in your content creation.

It all boils down to this: do you create content just because you need to, or you want to write content that rises above the noise?

Going to extreme measures is not difficult, nor it is scary, compared to creating content that no one consumes, that should scare you even more.

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