Start by Leveraging on Content

I have always been a designer by heart; I design solutions from my younger days as an engineering student I was already designing a way out of an engineer’s life. I was clueless about what’s going to happen to me in the future.

And everyone else in my circle decided to take the certain step, look for a job and become better professionals and earn their wages.

I am quite sure I am not like everyone else, so while figuring things on my own, I put up a band. It was years before the Pinoy Alternative revolution took place, I was already writing songs that talk about hatred, passion & rebellion. It was not an easy thing to do to wake up every morning knowing you don’t have a job. That’s the greatest struggle.

But it was during these years of playing music that I realized I can be creative with whatever I have in my hand.

And so I started creating things, and the rest were history!

Today I want to talk about content.

In the digital age, there is a constant need to be heard. More so in the business sphere, whatever you are selling or providing, you need to create digital content if you want to be heard.

It can either be in the form of a blog, or social media or the most modern approach though it is still in its early stage.. You need to have a video.

“A substantial number of buyers this year (86%) expressed some level of desire to
access interactive/visual content on demand, and the number of buyers who
strongly agreed with these sentiments increased from 34% in last year’s survey to 46% in 2014.”
2014 Content Preferences Survey


This is how customers are turning to video to consume content.

There’s no excuse if you plan to embark on a business you need to spend some time planning your content. People are tired of reading brochures, scrolling through websites; they want something that they can connect with. In the same way that when you start any venture, you look for other forms of media you can connect with.

So the question is, what should prevent you from leveraging on content?

I want to leave you with a few steps you can take to start your own venture.

  1. Expose yourself to relevant content (whatever your field is, keep reading blogs, watching videos. Believe me it will open up tons of inspirations and opportunity for you.
  2. Learn from these content. (Start to take notes, the greatest idea will remain an idea unless acted upon, and the first step of acting upon an idea is writing it down)
  3. Build your own content (This is where you develop your skill, where you put to practice everything you have learned.
  4. Share your content (Finally, there are tons waiting to start their own journey as well, don’t keep that content to yourself.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
-Pablo Picasso

Talenthoot: Starting Up What’s Your Story

Frame316 has partnered up with Talenthoot in an event for SME business owners and co-founders. We will be talking about stories on “Starting Up” alongside the founder of Silver Planet and the CCO of AppMakerstore.


This is aimed for entrepreneurs how are hungry enough to build their brands!

Using Stories as a Health Care Marketing Strategy

“Video marketing is not a new subject for healthcare, but many have yet to upgrade their strategies for a more affluent patient. You do not have much time, by 2014 3D and HD internet video will make up 46% of internet traffic. “ – Get Referral MD

What comes in an entrepreneur’s mind when they hear the word “video”?

One of the perks that the creative industry gives is the opportunity to meet and interact with businessmen from all walks of life. We have always been an advocate of the use of compelling media to engage our target audience.

The concept design process involved is sometimes more important than the actual production, the tendency for most video content producers is to go for the easier route which is to shoot as much as you can and figure things out on post.

But it is easier said than done.

Dentistry With A Human Touch

We recently did a story for a clinic in Marine Parade which offers a comprehensive range of dental services, for everyone in the family, from the young to the old. Making dentistry accessible and affordable for everyone and having a clinic ambience set to ensure patients feel relaxed throughout their visit.

How did we come up with their story?

It all started when we first met Dr. Chye who is the clinic director, the way he deals with people around him is generally reflected in his personality. So we started designing the questions for him and really tried to bring into surface the beauty of providing dental care services without losing touch of one of the very basic needs of any human being – to be cared for.

And in a few hours spent inside their clinic – we were convinced that “caring for people” is one thing that is constantly felt and given by them to everyone who steps into their clinic. It doesn’t matter if you are a patient who requires tooth extraction or just a bunch of creatives who are out to do a story.

Check them out!

F&B Videos: Telling Stories Behind Great Tasting Cuisines

“ Many food businesses start out well, but tend to flounder after a few months when the initial hype fades. That’s when they start to panic and spend heaps of money in a marketing blitz, usually too little and too late. Your cafe’s business plan should cover marketing strategy and you should be looking at generating some publicity from the get-go! “Young Upstarts

Like any other form of entrepreneurship, people who venture into F&B are not spared from the same set of challenges that most of us face. And imagine it happening on a daily basis – it sure is a great feat to stay competitive and meeting your customer’s needs.

But how is one cafe different from the other?

Our company is in the business of telling stories, and recently we have done quite a number of F&B videos (brand stories). But unlike your usual video, we try to not focus too much on what they have to offer because we believe the most authentic way to give justice to all things food is to actually taste and enjoy it yourself.

Brand Story:Artisanal Cafe Experience with Two Bakers

What we want to do for them is to capture the ambiance inside the moment you step into their cozy cafes .

Brand Story:Yoogane: Great Food, Great Friends, Great Fun

We want to find out the inspiring start up story. The friendship that moves them to setup their own business, the experience in studying overseas, the desire to promote local culture.

Brand Story:From the Oven to the Bread Table

These are the stories that we love telling through videos. And the experience of meeting the people behind these cozy cafe’s adds up to their unique ways of delivering quality cuisines that are both affordable and enjoyable.

Make Your Brand Story Work for You

I always get the same question every time I meet a potential client or anyone from networking meetups “What does a Creative Storyteller do?”

Ok before I give you the answer, let me tell you a story first.

“I went to this networking event, spoke to like minded people and you would not believe how it benefited my business afterwards. Networking meetups don’t only give you the opportunity to meet potential clients, partners or collaborators, it’s the most generous way to help your business evolve by getting in touch with actual people who can benefit on what you are providing. I guess we are all glad that we were there tonight and after a few hours we would walk out of the venue with a handful of opportunities more than what we already have when we walked in.”

So what is a story?

“Stories are powerful, they move us, they connect us they can persuade us to lead or to follow, and they can prompt us to act.” Echo Stories

It humanizes your business – your failures, challenges and how you discovered the solutions for these challenges are basically human stories that allows your audience to relate to what you do.

It helps us make clearer sense of businesses, and we become more familiar with what they are doing.

“A good story includes conflict and resolution. It connects your business with your customers in a primal way that humans have been using since the dawn of time.”Dev Edge

And all business exist to provide a “solution” to an existing “need”. And that is the basic formula of a good story.


What are the most common needs that your customers have that you can connect to as a business – it can be achieving success, helping the less fortunate, establishing relationships, optimizing work process, etc.

So instead of showing them charts, and list of your best features, of your capabilities as a product of service provider, why not tell them a story?

For example a vegetarian restaurant can be geared to the story of how the owner influenced his family to become vegetarians and along the way making mention of the benefit of this lifestyle to his family.

The key is solving the problem, and no two companies are alike when it comes to providing the solution to these problems, even if they are selling the same product.

The story behind these brands are unique, and that is where we come in as storytellers, we journey with our clients in finding the most compelling story angle about their brand so that they can establish that connection to their customers, so that customers can relate to them, so that their own brand story can make their customers decide and act in favour of their brand.

So you don’t just need corporate videos, you need a story that connects your brand to your client in the most engaging way that they can not experience by visiting your website or reading your brochures.

In less than five minutes of video; you can tell your story because the best way to capture an audience’s attention is through stories in motion.


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