Human beings are communicators by nature, some are good but for some others, it would require a little bit of patience and willingness to listen. And in every communication, there is a thought process that happens.

This is the reason where for some conversations you can immediately provide feedback while for some other instances you need to step back and think about the right words to say. If you do not do that, you will either hurt or annoy the person in front of you.

Familiarity, the more you converse with some other people on a specific topic, the more you become an expert, the more your respond to the conversation becomes immediate.

In the same way, your content strategy should have that same thought process. For content that is within your scope of expertise, it would probably take you a shorter time to create that. But should you be even creating content on a topic that you are not an expert on?

It works in two strange ways, the more you write content on a topic, the more you become an expert and for topics that you are not yet an expert, the more you need to keep writing about it.

It’s the thought process that should make a difference, for something that you are already an expert on, you are providing the value for other people to learn, you are the source of the value. And probably for topics that you are not an expert on, you curate or use existing content with the values that you need to deliver to a specific segment of your audience.

There is no shortcut to creating good content, only a fast way to creating crap.

Either way, you need to keep doing it, you need to show up at every turn of opportunity to create content. And before you even become the brand expert, you become the brand yourself. Your attitude, your voice, your preference, your fear, your hatred, your joy – these should all be easily accessible to you at all times. And when you become comfortable talking about the most uncomfortable agendas you have as a brand, then you won’t be afraid to write about a brand’s unique journey from conception to completion, the failure that comes with it, the triumph of delivering to customers and the challenge of finding out what works and what won’t.

How do you design your content strategy? Do you follow a certain thought process or you just write as you will? There is nothing wrong with however you do it, but some ways are more productive than others.

Its’ a matter of finding your sweet spot, and work as if you can’t do anything else better.


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