Crafting an Effective Call To Action

Crafting an Effective Call To Action

Effective call to action; most marketing tactics either lack this or intentionally skips this. As if crafting an effective call to action is only an option to lure your audience.

What does an effective call to action look like?

  • With urgency
  • Demanding
  • No-brainer

You always need to put yourself in the position where you are the one who is reading the call to action.

On top of a compelling copy, clarity should be your priority. The people you are talking to are busy people, always on the move. Who is more likely to not care about what you are doing.

Emphasize on the benefit.

Avoid using generic text such as “Find out more”, “Click here” or “Download”. Your call to action should be straight to the point. What will they get out of it? “Get the Free Whitepaper”, “Get Free Consultation”. This way, you catch their attention in a split second.

Keep it short.

No matter how compelling your copy is, if the user will have to finish a cup of coffee first before understanding your call to action, then forget about it. Anything more than six words in your call to action would be too much for the intended exposure of your content.

Expiration date.

One way to create a sense of urgency is for you to include an expiration date on your offer. The most effective way to emphasize on the urgency is by adding the word “now” or “today”. This creates a perception that people don’t have much time and they need to respond to your call to action.

Compelling visuals and buttons.

How you position the button and the color choice will determine if you indeed have an effective call to action. Make sure it is visible without the need to scroll and that the color is contrasting from everything else in your content.

Test what works

Finally, you need to test and optimise your click and conversion results. Test different variations of colors, size, style, copy, images etc. and compare the results. Use the most effective approach once you know.

The only goal you need to have in your mind is that your call to action should compel people. It should cause them to at least stop whatever they are thinking of and do whatever you want them to do. Specifically, click the button.

It takes hard work and persistence to see what works and what didn’t then practice from the best results that you are getting.

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