Customize Your YouTube Channel Layout to Get More Views

Customize Your YouTube Channel Layout to Get More Views

Do you know that you can customize your YouTube channel layout to get more views and subscribers? Find out how the new YouTube customization can help you get more subscribers. Your YouTube channel page is the landing page for your visitors, this is the first thing that they see when they visit your channel. So if you are not working on coming up with the best YouTube channel layout that will help you then you need to watch this episode and practicing the tips that I discussed here.

Your subscribers and new visitors will know what your channel is all about when they visit your channel page.

Who are you and what are you up to? These are the two questions that your channel page answers for your visitors and subscribers; if you don’t spend time working on a great layout, you will miss the opportunity to increase your subscribers.

You can customize the layout to create a strong impression on your channel. 

Customize Your YouTube Channel Layout to Get More Views

Make sure to choose the best videos and playlists that represent your channel; viewers love consistency and relevance. Make sure you have the recent uploads prominently displayed so that your viewers will know that you are always uploading new videos.

The channel page content needs to be optimized so that you can get more views.

Spend some time thinking about the relevant keywords that should appear on your playlist title, your basic info, and the featured videos for returning subscribers and non-subscribers.

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About this video: Robert shares why you should customize your channel layout to get more views. He will cover practical tips and strategies on how you can optimize your channel.


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