Does size matter in content marketing strategy?

Does size matter in content marketing strategy?

You have probably given it a thought for quite some time now if content marketing strategy is only for the big players, companies who have hundreds of employees on their payroll. “It makes practical sense” you probably told yourself, “why would a small brand like me even bother to generate content”.

Well, I have something to reveal to you that would probably change your way of thinking.

Popular brands who have the huge following are using the same platform as you are, they are on Facebook, they have Twitter accounts, they are everywhere on social media. The slight difference is that they are leveraging on this platform to draw their audience.


1. They are consistent with their message.
If you choose to keep talking about things that interest you a lot, and that can add value to your target audience, if you do this consistently you will see the growth in your social media followers. Remember, nobody really cares what you ate for breakfast, or what you are wearing for the day. Unless you are Justin Bieber of Kim Kardashian, people would care.

2. They engage with their audience.
Once you have your followers, engage with them, take the time to listen to what they have to say. It’s not all about you, the whole process of growing your audience is that if they feel they matter to you.

3. They use authentic personal voice to speak their brand.
You can’t fake passion and excellence; it has to come from your voice. Bring out your smartphone and talk about what made you passionate about your small business, share the exciting journey and remember “DO NOT SELL!”, That is the last thing your audience would want to hear from you. Build content, establish a relationship and let the selling part come to fruition. Once your audience trusts you, you become an expert in your field, and there is no reason for them to purchase or acquire your expertise.

4. They love what they are doing.
Most of us, we set up our own business because we grew tired of the 9-5 job. We want something different; we want to do what we love most. And you are in that position now because of that same drive to do what you love. Keep it up that is your most treasured possession in this content strategy process.

So do you still think content strategy is not for the faint of heart? Not for you?

Think again, you are in the best position to communicate your content. If you love what you are doing and want to build an audience out of what you are passionate about, give it a try. Get in touch with us we would love to journey with you in building your content strategy. Feel free to ask us questions and we will provide you with information that would hopefully make the process, even more, exciting for you.

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