How to Edit Videos Faster Using Proxy Edit


Is there a way to edit videos faster?

Speed is always a challenge for video editors, it is due to one of many reasons; mainly a slow machine. But how can editors edit faster?

Your software can help you edit videos faster!

In this tutorial, I used Adobe Premiere Pro but the technique can easily be used to other video editing software. The idea is basically allowing your software to link to a lower resolution version of your videos. Whether you are filming Full HD or 4K, proxy editing does the job for you and allows you to focus more on creativity.

This would then give you more freedom to shift clips around. Nest multiple clips without worrying if your machine will lag.

The demo edit was done on a 16GB Macbook Pro computer so anything within that range will result in a similar performance.

Find out how easy it is to produce your video content by using Proxy edit and playback resolution adjustments.

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