Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be a Storyteller

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to be a Storyteller

Entrepreneurship is all about hard work, it is an exciting mix of sleepless nights, tiring execution and not to forget, vintage sales and marketing. And in the process, there is a great tendency for an entrepreneur to focus on his “product,” to keep bragging about what he does best. As we always tell our students – there is nothing wrong with that. But just because things are not wrong, you will rest in the comfort of knowing that there are no better ways to do it.

A talking head video is your best practical option to start telling your brand stories.

So how can you be a storytelling entrepreneur?

We have listed a handful of guide questions below that should be enough to bring you closer to the golden age of your storytelling journey.

What inspires you to do what you do?

Do you have this agenda in mind? This is something that should come as second nature to you. When people ask you this question, there should not be any “spectacular” dead air in between the question and your answer. You should be ecstatic, when inspiration is the topic, it must reveal itself in how eager you are in telling the story.

If something is preventing you from accomplishing your goal, what are you willing to do?

This is the part where you reveal what drives you. Not all goals are meant to be accomplished but do you know what makes you tick? What amplifies your hunger to complete and compete? Be authentic and do not sugar coat passion with cliche’ dialogues.

What is an ideal customer for you?

This is the part where you take away the spotlight from you, talk about your ideal customer. What are they like? What would they usually do after reaping the benefits of your brand? Be specific, use real-life customer stories.

If you have all the resources in your hand, what can you accomplish for your brand?

Most brands would always start with; “If I only have this…”. The danger with staying in this mindset is that you will never get to know unless you start with what you have. In the first place, all the resources you have right now is enough for your brand to make a difference, to stand out. Never focus on what is lacking. If you need to set your mind to something that only the future holds for you, push your imagination to the limits, there is nothing wrong about dreaming big – but it is never better than doing something out of what you have. In a big and adventurous way.

How much do you love having people benefit from your brand?

Do you feel proud? Share the joy, but again don’t brag. Human beings love hearing stories about a fellow human being and all the Hollywood movies that have a non-human protagonist; moviegoers are rooting for the humanity of that protagonist. There is something amazing about the human story. Start tapping into this huge potential; the human story is the wellspring of all stories.

Is the world a better place to live in now that people have access to your brand?

From the inside looking out, what do you think is your brand’s contribution to making the world a better place? If your customers are willing to spend money for your product, what are they getting out of it? How does this make their lives better?

If you need to set your mind to something that only the future holds for you, push your imagination to the limits, there is nothing wrong about dreaming big Share on X

Some of these questions can be considered too difficult to process for an up and coming entrepreneur, even for the seasoned ones. But once you get the hang of it, once you are soaked in these “inspiring” bits of information, you will realize that you have become a force to reckon with. And the fact that you need not lie and just tell the truth, transforming yourself into a storytelling entrepreneur is a no-brainer.

As an entrepreneur, you need not master all these questions in one go. Start with whatever you are comfortable in and then let the storytelling version of yourself evolve in the process.

Start with the heart of it all – the heart of your business.

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