How Content Strategy Fits in Buyer Journey Mapping

How Content Strategy Fits in Buyer Journey Mapping

As entrepreneurs, we are all marketers and as marketers, we should all understand what a buyer journey is. If we are to create a customer-centric content, then it is important that we understand where the buyer is and what content to write for them at that specific stage.

In general, the buyer journey mapping can be divided into three stages. Digital marketers have different ways of defining the specific component of each stage, but it all falls on these three main segments:

Content Strategy on Buyer Journey Awareness
All buyers start their journey not knowing who you are; they will not even know what to do next if they don’t know that your brand exist. The initial trigger will be when they came to realize they have a particular pain point. And this is where their research begin, the majority of the buyers turn to Google. They explore their options at their disposal but guess what they are usually looking for? Not products, not companies but educational materials, customer reviews and testimonials. And the more they get results, they learn to eliminate vendors who don’t provide much value to them through the content they are looking for.

So if your brand writes “We are the best provider in the region and the most affordable to ever deliver effective results,” then you lose a fraction of these buyers. You end up not being part of their buyer journey.

ConsiderationContent Strategy on Buyer Journey Consideration
At this stage, buyers were already able to narrow down their options to a few companies, if you are still part of their options at this stage, good for you. Then it’s time that you create content that focuses more on how they can justify their investment through your brand. At this stage, you should have product demo videos that provide specific information on how your brand can address their existing pain points.

You should also start adjusting their profile on your marketing automation to qualify further their level of interest to buy from you. Your content should now focus on practical benefits that they can get such as ROI and revenue increase.

DecisionContent Strategy on Buyer Journey Decision
The buyer is now ready to purchase. This is the best time to brag about your product, be prepared with case studies and customer testimonials that prove why your existing customers chose you over other vendors. Make sure you have rolled down a strategy to provide excellent customer experience, create content that would nurture your buyers through tips of using your product or services so they end up seeing more value from your product. End of the day, they will be a returning customer, and they can do the word of mouth marketing for you.

Now that you have an understanding of the buyer journey, you should be able to nail down the right strategy to create the right content for your buyer at each specific stage of their journey.

I have written content on customer-centric approach, you can jump right into that post here if you need a deeper understanding of the type of content that has they buyer at the center of your strategy.

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