How Microsoft Teams Together Can Grow Your YouTube (PLUS 3 Tips for Engaging Webinars)


How Microsoft Teams Together can grow your YouTube? A lot of YouTubers record their video content on online meeting platforms like Zoom. But will this change now that Microsoft announced its Together Mode for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Together is a perfect tool for group online meetings. With its advanced AI capabilities, it promises a very engaging live video experience. Get the first look of Microsoft Teams Together plus tips on how to make your Zoom Meetings awesome!

Microsoft recently announced a big update to Microsoft Teams; it’s designed to create a virtual live avatar of yourself that’s supposed to help you better engage with meetings. 

This is probably a straight jab at Zoom. Zoom has become so popular during the pandemic where it was reported to have grown to 300 meetings last April.

But what does Microsoft Teams Together really mean for content creators?

I know many YouTubers who would record their meetings in Zoom and use it as a YouTube content, either the whole webinar or just snippets of it.

But for MS Teams’ Together Mode, this is going to bring that experience a few notches ahead. 

Microsoft uses AI to segment your face and shoulders and place you and your co-workers together in a virtual space.

You can easily see who is actually talking, including their body language; this is something that Zoom uses with virtual backgrounds. Still, it leaves a lot of room for improvement, especially when the body is moving.

Microsoft Team’s Together mode will be available to all users in August and will be rolled out with the auditorium view.

For YouTube content creators, this just means that recording webinars and meetings will be more fun, engaging, and more futuristic, I would say.

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About this video: Robert discusses the latest update from Microsoft Teams and how this can impact the creation of content using recorded content such as webinars.

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