How to Add Thumbnail on YouTube Video 2020 [Premiere Pro and Photoshop]

How to Add Thumbnail on YouTube Video 2020 [Premiere Pro and Photoshop]

Do you know how to add thumbnail on YouTube video?

Do you know that by using a captured frame in your Premiere Pro edit, you can then create a composite in Photoshop and start winning in videos on Youtube.

Your thumbnail is one of the biggest reasons why people will watch your videos. So you should be spending some time and effort so you would properly learn how to add thumbnail on YouTube video.

It does not take a lot of effort to design a proper thumbnail for your YouTube video, I actually showed how you can use Photoshop and Premiere Pro side by side in this episode.

So why do you need to learn how to add thumbnail on YouTube video?

Are you ready to take the challenge? add more effort and thinking to your design mindset? Remember the saying “How can anybody follow you if you don’t know what you are doing?” One way to really be intentional in the direction that you wish to take is in the amount of work you put in as a content creator. Never miss the opportunity to grow with the right and strategic mindset on how to add thumbnail on YouTube video, your work counts, your content counts. So make sure that it gets delivered to your target audience, that your value gets enough exposure to make an impact in the lives of others – freelancers, designers, content creators and leaders.

It’s in your hands right now, are you willing to dive in?

Check out my other video about design.

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