How to Design Graphics for Social Media in 10 Minutes

How to Design Graphics for Social Media in 10 Minutes

Have you been figuring out how to design graphics for social media?

Are you scared of paying tons of money to buy the latest design software like Photoshop? Social media graphic design don’t need to be expensive. You can actually learn how to design for social media easily. Just by using free tools like what I will be sharing in this episode.

If you are looking for easy graphic design tips and social media graphics tutorial that won’t actually break your bank. This episode is for you.

The most important thing to learn right now is how to choose your design style that will convey your message across clearly. If you are just a beginning graphic designer, start small, start with what you have and slowly inch your way to somewhere that would make more comfortable, and better at what you are doing.

Content creation involves a lot of graphic design work, if you plan on building your own content, you need a quick fix in the graphic design space. Subscribing to software might not be an option for new content creators so I am going to share a free tool in this video that you can access through a Gmail account.

Learn how to design graphics for social media in 10 minutes, using this free tool.

Dive deeper to our design tutorial here:


If you need help designing graphics for social media, we can help you!

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