How to Edit Videos on Your Phone Faster

How to Edit Videos on Your Phone Faster

Learn how to edit videos on your phone faster step by step using this free editing app for iPhone and Android. Create your own video for less than half an hour with this Inshot video editor tutorial. With this free app, you will learn how to edit YouTube videos on your phone.
About this video: Robert shared a free video editing app for YouTubers, in this step by step Inshot app tutorial you will learn how to make YouTube videos on your phone, faster and free. Designed for every beginner who just wants to get things done with the resources that they have.

So how to videos on your smartphone faster? 

I am just all fired up to this series of videos for you in the past couple of weeks, we did a video on how you can shoot 4K videos on your iPhone, and then last week we did a video on how you can come up with amazing shots – again with your iPhone.

So it’s about time to jump into editing, right?

Again, I am using an iPhone, but the app is also available on Android smartphones.

When you are just starting on video, you want to get things done as fast as possible, with the least amount of hardware and software. Well, thanks to technology, our smartphones can practically do this nowadays. Although in the bigger market, a properly produced video can still give you better returns in terms of business – as a content creator, your smartphone is power in your pocket.

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