How to Master the Art of Storytelling and Start Telling Better Stories


How to master the art of storytelling and start telling better stories? This is probably the ultimate goal of everyone doing a video, or in the marketing space.

The art of great storytelling is not really that complex when you start using it in diverse ways. It’s all about taking the opportunity to harness the power of storytelling.

You don’t need to struggle to learn how to be a great storyteller – but you just need to know the principles of a remarkable story.

Firstly, storytelling is a tool that everyone – leaders especially – should be constantly sharpening. Everyone should get better at this skill – and it takes practice and consistency to be a good storyteller. Hello everyone, Robert here, and you are watching Frame 316 Media. How do you master the art of storytelling? Coming up on this video.

In this strategy, your goal is to cut through the noise, meaning, what everyone is talking about in your space, in your church, in your group – you need to find a way to get everyone’s attention by being different and remarkable. However, it is not about having the fanciest language, it’s all about clarity. For instance, humans tell stories every day, and only those who have a sense of connection to the storyteller will listen to these stories. Importantly, you won’t get this when you treat people as customers, executives, investors, scrap the label, connect and communicate like humans. Plain and simple.

Watch the episode to find out how you can master the art of storytelling and start telling better stories!

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About this video: Robert shares storytelling tips that can help you learn how to tell a story effectively. Start telling better stories now!


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