How to Shoot 4k Video on iPhone for Vlogs (10 Things Every YouTuber Should Know)


Do you know how to shoot 4K video on iPhone for vlogs? With these 10 things every YouTuber should know, it will get you up and running and master how to shoot 4K video on iPhone for Youtube.

4K video on iPhone has been around for quite some time since the release of the 6s model, so it’s not fairly new. It’s probably the best phone to shoot 4K videos, so grab your phone and start learning how to film.

The next time you ask yourself, how to film on iPhone for Youtube, you will be ready with the correct iPhone video settings. These video tips for iPhone is what every YouTuber needs to know.

But what does it take to learn How to Shoot 4k Video on iPhone for Vlogs?

Be confident, shoot video with iPhone, don’t spend too much on a 4K camera specially when you are just starting. Apply these tips for filming on an iPhone and shoot 4K video with ease.

Want to learn how to get more views on your YouTube videos?

 I hope these ten things that I’ve discussed were enough to convince you to start using your iPhone instead of spending more money buying a 4K camera. If you have the money, then, by all means, buy a camera, but for those who wanted to start small and just wanted to crush it and build their channel, your iPhone is the perfect tool to produce videos

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Abut this video: Robert shares practical iPhone filmmaking with its 4K camera. Vloggers would most likely tend to spend tons on gears without knowing that their everyday iPhone is a good enough camera.

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