How To Identify Your Brand Story in 3 Easy Steps

Brand Story

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It is a given that not everyone is gifted with the skill of storytelling. More so in the B2B landscape, we have more sellers than storytellers. And that makes more sense because in this day and age businesses have to sell. By any form, we all need to sell.

But can selling be an out-of-the-box experience both for the seller and the buyer? How do you make this build longer relationships, instead of once in a lifetime deals?

We all have our experiences walking into a convenient store, buying a minimum of two things. Some convenient store counters are friendly; some are just too busy to even smile back at you. But even in this very mundane scenario – our experience as a buyer will greatly influence our willingness to step into that store again. The usual reaction is we jump ship.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you sell for once in a lifetime deals.

But if we are engaged, if we are asked what we need, storytelling is one small step for the seller but one giant leap for the buyer to stick to the seller.

I can’t over emphasized how significant storytelling is in the buying experience. We have had tons of people ask us “Why do you keep talking about storytelling for marketing,” I just give them a smile and politely reply; “As long as there is a need for a better buying experience, storytelling for brands will make a big difference.”

But how do you identify your brand story?

Look into the heart of what you do, treat your clients as friends and don't be afraid to get real. 3 things to help you identify your brand story. Click To Tweet

Here are 3 things to get you started in identifying your brand story.

  • Look into the heart of what you do
    This is your purpose; this is your WHY. If you don’t have this on the top of your priority, it will be difficult for you to tell a compelling story. Don’t stick to WHAT and HOW without emphasizing your WHY. The WHY makes the customer loyal to you. WHAT and HOW to make them a good customer but not necessarily loyal.
  • Treat your clients as friends, and leads as clients.
    The biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs do is we wait for our leads to become our client before we start serving them as a client. At the first encounter with your brand, make them feel you are passionate about giving them value. Write about things that would help them and not just about things that would only inform them. Make their lives better.
  • Don’t be afraid to get real
    Another mistake that we do as entrepreneurs is that we tend to hide and pretend that our brand is perfect. In storytelling, vulnerability is a key component to getting people’s attention. If your competitor is always talking about how “perfect” their product is. While your brand has one small flaw. Don’t see it as a weakness, share the challenge and invite feedback. Engage your audience even in your weak spot; you will be surprised at the results.


There are a lot of things you can and need to do, but getting used to these will bring your brand to places it has never been to before.

So do you still find it difficult to identify your brand story?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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