If Deadpool is a Content Marketer will he still be wearing a red suit?

If Deadpool is a Content Marketer will he still be wearing a red suit?

Yey! The awesomest Marvel movie (according to a kid I met at McDonald’s) hit theaters in Singapore last week. And once again, red is dominating the Marvel Universe. (Iron Man, Thor’s cape, Capt. America’s shield, Daredevil’s pajamas, Spidey’s jumpsuit and the list goes on and on).

Going back to Deadpool, one of the most famous quotes in the movie is; “You may be wondering why the red suit. Well, that’s so bad guys don’t see me bleed.” And that is too catchy to have in a conversation that can last up to three generations.

I have to admit, the first time I saw the trailer, I said to myself; “finally a Marvel movie that is not worth watching” but the way things are going in my inner circle of friends, it is probably not a bad idea to watch it after all.

Imagine if Deadpool got tired of all the superhero thing and decided just to do content marketing, will he ditch the red suit? Will there be any need to hide when he bleeds as a content marketer?

Content marketing is no superhero stuff, you don’t get quick salvation from analytics that does not go in favor of your business, there is no saving the day for the wrong content you create for the wrong audience. It just does not exist in a superhero fantasy world. Your audience won’t need your fancy suit; they need authenticity, they need the real you, how only in your voice can your brand value be expressed. And they need not see you bleed either, so no need for the red suit, they just exist for one purpose only which is to consume your content. However good you create that content and the strategy that comes with it, that would dictate if your audience will end up buying from you or broadcasting your value in their own sphere (they become your sales team in effect).

The thing is, in content marketing; good content with the right strategy for the right audience is everything you need. And unlike Deadpool, you have more power to create value for your audience more than them being amazed at his ability to get rid of the bad guys.

But at the end of the day, it’s still cool to be a superhero.

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