In Content Marketing, You are Connecting and Not Informing

In Content Marketing, You are Connecting and Not Informing

Why should you care more about what your customer will feel rather than what they will buy.

There are a lot of ways to engage your customers, you can either use print, audio or video. Among the three, a video is the most powerful approach to engage people.

Human beings are designed to respond to something that touches their emotions. You could have all the vast numbers in your infographic statistic, all the huge dollar revenues that you got from your campaign, but all these are just information to the human eye.

| Information can convince, but it does not motivate a person to act or do something. Buying is an act; that is what you should aim to achieve from your costumer/target audience for as an entrepreneur. |

Selling interrupts discussions, but stories encourage a foundation to believe in something, it runs deep in the decision-making process of your customers, and that is where you need to be at, with the right content, using the right strategy.

Content marketing speaks to the heart; advertising speaks to the mind. The mind gets easily confused with the amount of information it takes, but when you hit the emotion, it stays, it leads to a desire for change, a desire to acquire.

Your call, your choice!

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