Sunday, March 26, 2023

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How to Edit Videos on Your Phone Faster (Free Editing App Step by Step)

Learn how to edit videos on your phone faster step by step using this free editing app for iPhone and Android. Create your own video for less than half an hour with this Inshot video editor tutorial. With this free app, you will learn how to edit YouTube videos on your phone.

Ultimate Smartphone Video Hacks for Indoor Filming [8 Creative Tricks]

These smartphone video hacks for indoor filming will help you level up your video production skills with practically zero dollars involved. Using every available tool in your household or office, these videography hacks with iPhone will definitely give you creative mobile video ideas.

Smartphone filmmaking has never been this simple, try these video hacks for smartphones and be amazed at how your videos will improve with very little effort.

How to Shoot 4k Video on iPhone for Vlogs (10 Things Every YouTuber Should Know)

Do you know how to shoot 4K video on iPhone for vlogs? With these 10 things every YouTuber should know, it will get you up and running and master how to shoot 4K video on iPhone for Youtube. 4K video on iPhone has been around for quite some time since the release of the 6s model, so it’s not fairly new. It’s probably the best phone to shoot 4K videos, so grab your phone and start learning how to film.

Adobe Premiere Pro Hacks Every Video Editor Should Know

Find out how these hidden tools in Premiere Pro can help you edit and manage your assets faster. From managing your file assets to going back and forth from the project panel to your file directory. Your editing experience could depend well on your choice of machine, but there are specific tricks in Premiere pro that can help you navigate through layers of files while editing.

Editing Transitions in Premiere Pro

Learn the basics of editing transitions for Premiere Pro and find out how you can use specific techniques for an easy process. For new video editors, the default transition effects of Premiere Pro is something that is powerful enough to make your videos shine. Find out two simple tricks in under 5 minutes, here in our latest episode for Frame 316 Media.

Export Videos in Premiere Pro (Best Settings)

Wrapping up our series with this episode, learn the best settings for your Premiere Pro video and start sharing your videos online. Find out how the Adobe Media Encoder can help you export multiple videos at the same time.