Make Your Brand Story Work for You

Make Your Brand Story Work for You

I always get the same question every time I meet a potential client or anyone from networking meetups “What does a Creative Storyteller do?”

Ok before I give you the answer, let me tell you a story first.

“I went to this networking event, spoke to like minded people and you would not believe how it benefited my business afterwards. Networking meetups don’t only give you the opportunity to meet potential clients, partners or collaborators, it’s the most generous way to help your business evolve by getting in touch with actual people who can benefit on what you are providing. I guess we are all glad that we were there tonight and after a few hours we would walk out of the venue with a handful of opportunities more than what we already have when we walked in.”

So what is a story?

“Stories are powerful, they move us, they connect us they can persuade us to lead or to follow, and they can prompt us to act.” Echo Stories

It humanizes your business – your failures, challenges and how you discovered the solutions for these challenges are basically human stories that allows your audience to relate to what you do.

It helps us make clearer sense of businesses, and we become more familiar with what they are doing.

“A good story includes conflict and resolution. It connects your business with your customers in a primal way that humans have been using since the dawn of time.”Dev Edge

And all business exist to provide a “solution” to an existing “need”. And that is the basic formula of a good story.

What are the most common needs that your customers have that you can connect to as a business – it can be achieving success, helping the less fortunate, establishing relationships, optimizing work process, etc.

So instead of showing them charts, and list of your best features, of your capabilities as a product of service provider, why not tell them a story?

For example a vegetarian restaurant can be geared to the story of how the owner influenced his family to become vegetarians and along the way making mention of the benefit of this lifestyle to his family.

The key is solving the problem, and no two companies are alike when it comes to providing the solution to these problems, even if they are selling the same product.

The story behind these brands are unique, and that is where we come in as storytellers, we journey with our clients in finding the most compelling story angle about their brand so that they can establish that connection to their customers, so that customers can relate to them, so that their own brand story can make their customers decide and act in favour of their brand.

So you don’t just need corporate videos, you need a story that connects your brand to your client in the most engaging way that they can not experience by visiting your website or reading your brochures.

In less than five minutes of video; you can tell your story because the best way to capture an audience’s attention is through stories in motion.

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