Online Marketing Video Content Series: 01 Where to Start?

Online Marketing Video Content Series: 01 Where to Start?

I have been writing about marketing video content for a while now. And I have repeatedly mentioned that it was all part of your content strategy to include videos in your library of content.

Welcome to this new series on online marketing video content. This series aims to guide you whether you are a consumer, business owner, entrepreneur or a thought leader in starting your journey in creating online video content. You need not be an expert in this field, but you have to have the right mindset should you decide to produce your video.

Where do you start?

No matter how big or small your company is as long as you have an idea in mind, you can start working on the concept, plan the filming and strategize the distribution.

But where do you exactly start the whole process? One great place to start is to revisit your social media channel, or the feedbacks being sent to you from your website. Do an audit and try to find out what are the questions or queries that were asked by your followers. Whatever they keep asking you is that one thing that you need to start building content from.

Are they asking you about where they can find your product? Then film a fun video of you coming from the train station, taking the bus and entering your shop or office. That’s a good 90-second video you can come up with, and you can do it with your smartphone.

Are your followers asking you about a specific way of using your product? Why don’t you do a how-to video? Go through your product manual and film yourself or your colleague showing how it’s done in a fun and candid way.

How about followers having some trouble using your product? You can set up a video of the most common challenges that your users face and address it point by point in the video.

There are a lot of things you can build online video content from; you need not spend that much “scientific” approach to producing a video. Everyone on the internet is on the constant phase of scrolling through news feed, blog sites and search engines. So make sure that when they stop over your domain, you have these short videos that can be consumed in the shortest time possible and provide the biggest value it can give to your followers.

I wrote about budget constraint, 60-second brand story video and what you can produce in a half day production. You might want to check these out, and I hope it provides you that much-needed push to work on your first online video content.

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