Original Content Matters More in 2020 than Ever Before

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Original content matters – still.  Information has crossed the breach, from being helpful to a noisy and annoying source of traffic online. More and more human beings are coming up with business ideas by the minute. Technology has made setting up your own business a walk in the park. CMS based websites have transformed web designing from art to mundane. The end result? – information overload.

When it comes to content, it’s a race to the user’s device. Brands with the most intriguing, entertaining and valuable content get passed on from one device to another. From one user to another.

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At the heart of this content race, original high-quality content remains the driving force of a successful SEO campaign, and if you are not even considering creating original content, then you better not expect your audience to find you.

One way to create original content is by using talking head videos.

But how do you write original content?

Here are some helpful tips to get you on the right track in creating your original content.

Tell a story
What drives you to innovate and deliver an excellent service to your clients? And how do you achieve this, with all the challenges that surround you? Telling a story is not that difficult, it’s a matter of asking the right questions, and answering these questions at the right time. The only thing you need to make this work is authenticity, don’t ever try to fake it, if it’s authentic, it will flow naturally.

Show your story
The internet is all about visuals now, a right balance of good copywriting and engaging visuals would most likely do the trick. Do you have a tip to share? Throw in a stock photo, or a good photo captured from your phone on free apps like Canva then you have good social media content in your hand. Do live streaming and start engaging your audience, design and imagery are great content, but a video is the mother of all content. Make sure you mix video in your content arsenal.

Listen to stories
Lastly, what most brands are missing is the ability to “listen” to other people’s stories. Listening results to growth. If you expect people to engage with you, you need to start paying attention to what they are saying, then feedback and share your insights. No marketer is an island, remember that.

Brands with the most intriguing, entertaining and valuable content get passed on from one device to another. From one user to another. #contentmarketing #storytelling Click To Tweet

The internet is still bound to evolve into something else that would surprise us for sure. But one thing that never grows old is your brand story. If you master the art of telling your own brand story, then there is an excellent chance that you would tap into the massive potential of reaching and growing your market. Transforming your value proposition into something that your target audience can actually use. Then if that happens, as they say – the rest will be history.


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