Personalized Content as a Key Marketing Strategy


Personalized content caters to more than half of online users, and it has no signs of slowing down. But are you keeping up as digital marketing matures to a whole new level? Creating content that is tailored to what your consumer needs and where they are on the buying process is key to having a successful content strategy.

Here’s a good advice, for every piece of content that you will create, ask these questions: how will this help your customers solve their challenges. Is the solution you are providing fit for their every need? And how will they get access to your solution?

Personalisation is the name of the game, but should you write thousands of pieces for thousands of users? Of course not, tap into the huge potential of automated tools. Get the result that you want and deliver the right value based on that result.

Personalised content performs better than non-personalised content. Those who are brave enough to put in the extra effort to deliver personalized content is reaping better returns on their marketing investment.


Personalised content can help you capture the attention of your user.
Imagine talking to your friend and telling him tons of things that he could not even relate to. Like biochemical reactions of ozone in plants. They do not give a crap about that. But if you will talk about something that is personal or relevant to the person you are talking to, then you are up for an interesting conversation.

Personalised content brings the solution right in front of your customers as they experience their problem.
Everyone is asking for a solution to their problems. Especially in the digital space, a lot of people tend to Google every bit of question that would arise from the absurd to the mundane conversation. With personalized content, you are bound to present your brand’s value right where it hits hard the most – when customers are looking for answers.

Personalised content addresses the consumers’ demand for more content from brands.
With content consumption reaching stratospheric level of insanity, there is still a huge demand for more content. Personalised content addresses just that, as the demand grows, so does the need to have relevant content.

Personalised content results in unique customer experiences.
Every customer is a unique customer. That is why they deserve a unique experience, be it in the awareness stage or the acquisition stage. Personalised content helps content creators provide unique customer experience. And customers who benefit from these unique experience are most likely to stay loyal to your brand.

This 2018, it is in our best interest to create personalized and user-centric content.

Implementing and integrating personalization into your inbound marketing strategy is not an easy task, but there are tons of automated marketing platforms out there which can help you streamline your personalized content strategy.


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