Personalized content: When digital becomes personal, magic happens

Personalized content: When digital becomes personal, magic happens

Human beings on the internet only pay attention to updates that are relevant to us. It’s the battle between click and scroll. Would the content be relevant enough for the user to click? Or it is just a good time to scroll down?

How do brands deal with this never ending challenge to become relevant?

In the digital marketing wars, there are only two types of marketers. The lazy one and the hard-working one. And personalisation of content is not for the lazy ones. It requires designing a specific message for a specific audience at a specific time and place.

Does “specific” scare you?

You should not be scared; there is a gazillion of people talking on the internet. And only those who are specific in their messaging approach get the audience that they need.

When creating videos for our clients, we avoid giving too much exposure to the talking head. A talking head is just practically a person talking in front of the camera. No matter how good the message is; it bores the audience to death. So we try to use the relevant footage to cover the talking head.

Same with our communication techniques, providing general information to everyone makes you a talking head. People might nod at you, but they are not paying attention to anything you are saying. What would make them tick? What would make their eyes wide open? One thing for sure – it has to be something that is relevant to them. This is what you call personalized content.

How do you do this?

If you are doing tons of videos for your audience, make sure that they will be able to relate to what they are watching.

If you are writing blogs, make sure it is sent only to people that would benefit from the blog post.

Strategy is key. If you do not have a strategy, there is no way that you can do this effectively. But first, you need to determine what your message would be. And if you have not fully shifted on digital marketing – you need to shift your existing channel message to something that is stronger, relevant and impactful.

Digital or not; your brand message should be compelling. And creating personalized content makes this more compelling than the relaxed cookie cutter approach.

Your call, get in touch with us to find out how a personalized brand message can help you.

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