Are we witnessing the craziest phenomenon of modern times in the recent rise of the Pokemon Go? Are businesses ready to cash in on the “Pokemon effect?”

The iPhone and Android game may have appeared to be an overnight success. But we are in for a big surprise if we’re given a chance to peek into the “big picture” story of how this phenomenal game started.

This is not the first time that you can play with augmented reality on Nintendo characters. The Nintendo 3DS have little-used features that let you aim your camera at special cards and 3D characters appear. But it was the Pokemon Company and not Nintendo who spearheaded Pokemon Go

So what makes scavenging little creatures in the virtual world very appealing to businesses?

The “madness” behind this app is that tons of people will scramble at one place or landmark (Pokestop). Just to chase the virtual cartoon characters. Since the ultimate goal is to “catch them all.”

And this is where the cash starts to flow for businesses through Pokemon Go!

Food stops, cafes, and restaurants can spend a small amount of money to lure players to collect Pikachu, Squirtle, Jigglypuff or Bulbasaur.

Soon, any businesses wanting foot traffic can buy an in-game landmark for as long as this craze will last.

And since this game is only available in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Germany at this moment. They may be ahead of the pack. But neighboring countries like Singapore and Philippines can start planning and learning. They just need to spend time doing research.

The reality that it is surpassing well-established companies. Like Twitter, Whatsapp and Snapchat in the amount of time users spend on the app each day.

So if you are a business owner with a physical business spot that needs foot traffic. What is preventing you from transforming your once average building to a Pokestop.

But, like any other phenomenal craze that has hit planet earth. Let us enjoy it while it last!



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