Posting Videos on YouTube Versus Facebook, Which is Better?

Posting Videos on YouTube Versus Facebook, Which is Better?

Posting videos on Facebook versus Youtube, Which platform to choose? And does it really matter at all?

If you have decided that which platform to choose and you are up to buying your first set of gears, scroll down for the gears that I use.

This is probably the most recent interesting battle of social channels. Posting videos on Facebook versus Youtube.

There are a lot of considerations to be made in this regard, but I clearly shared how one is better than the other in this episode. Most brands have shifted to videos on Facebook of Youtube but only a handful have reaped the reward because of the wrong strategy or not having strategy at all. You definitely spent time producing your video so it just makes sense that you anchor your strategy either on Youtube or Facebook but not on both. In this video, I will explain in detail why.

Posting videos on Facebook versus Youtube

Probably the most common question that any content creator or entrepreneur gets to ask themselves, the game-changer shifts toward those who are serious enough to study their niche market, the behaviors of their viewers and the impact of their content.

Start measuring the impact today!

In today’s episode, I’m going to give the answer to the never-ending question – which is a better video platform; YouTube or Facebook?

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