How ready are you for AI-powered content marketing?

How ready are you for AI-powered content marketing?

AI-powered content marketing is making the rounds of almost every content that you see online nowadays. What was once a concept that you see in Hollywood movies is now becoming a norm. A means to reach many people, a means to grow your business. Are we witnessing a complete take over from artificial intelligence?

By 2018, Gartner predicts, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines. Rocco, an AI-powered content marketing tool can help suggest fresh social media content that your followers can engage with.

Skynet, anyone?

Ok before we all freak out and say “woe is me, a mortal blogger” I think it’s in our best interest to start embracing this technology, start reading and learning.

This means that the marketing game will change and it’s going to be fun, productive and challenging.

As business owners, or digital marketers. What can we start considering at this stage regarding an AI-powered content marketing?

  • AI-powered content marketing can help you serve up more relevant content and ultimately a better user experience for your users.
  • It is impacting every piece of marketing technology including email marketing, social media, content, and engagement.
  • Personalised content delivered out of the bat because of AI-powered content marketing.
  • Prediction in marketing can tell content marketers what a reader would want to read or would click on next. Wait, this is the part where I go to my kitchen and drink a glass of water. This is just beyond me.

Now to bring us all back to planet earth. Here is a fair warning; we also need to consider that though AI-powered marketing may ease the execution of content creation or marketers – it may not always create an ideal experience for users. CMI shared in one of their blog posts that we need to be careful not to be too aggressive with personalization – all your marketing messages and content experiences should seem natural to users.

Mark Kelly, CEO of Kelly Newman Ventures adds “Content creation that follows the inbound methodology really requires a human touch, which is one area in which AI use could prove challenging. Automated direct messaging and LinkedIn InMail campaigns should still feature some level of personalization to be effective. So in these cases, AI should be handled with care. Copy automation is not a fully functioning capability for most marketers currently, but in the future, this could also impact the quality of content and the voice of a brand.”

So where and when do we start? The internet serves as the tree of knowledge in our modern world; there is no business question that you can’t find the answer when you search for it. There are tons of books about AI-powered marketing in the bookstores nearest to you. I guess it’s a matter of being motivated to break out of the mold and decide to take drastic and brave steps to explore unfamiliar territories.


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