Which social media network should you choose?

Which social media network should you choose?

The thin line that separates offline and virtual life gets thinner by the hour and the conversation that has been going on covering this topic ranges from the mundane to the extreme. And due to the varying impact that social networks have on people’s lives on a daily basis, it is safe to say that social media is here to stay.

According to Statistica; 71 percent of internet users were social media users, and this figure is expected to grow.

Broadbandsearch has Facebook as the top contender for the most widely used social media platform. Having attracted a huge chunk from the 2 Billion internet users monthly. Gaining the highest number of user accounts and user engagement; Facebook remains a social network force to reckon with. Youtube comes in close second with 1.9 billion monthly users. Interestingly enough, Twitter is at the 11th spot with less than 400 million.

For Statistica though, Pinterest being the most recent newcomer was the fastest independently launched site gaining up to 10 million monthly users. Instagram logged 700 million monthly users while Tumblr covers more than half of it as 368 million monthly users. Twitter is playing catch up with 328 million monthly users. LinkedIn being the oldest in the pack is at 100+ million monthly users.

What do these numbers mean to you as an entrepreneur?

So what if Facebook has dominated the social media space, what’s the catch? “What’s in it for me?”, says the skeptical entrepreneur.

It means a lot – that is if you want to grow your presence, connection, and prospects. If you are an entrepreneur with a brand that you believe will change the world in its own little way, then most likely you are somewhere right now at this very moment. You can be either in a newspaper directory, an online forum, a community website, on printed flyers. You are practically anywhere, and you should be. But if you are not on social media, you are missing a lot.

It’s a matter of what you want to say and when you want to say it to who you want to say it to.

That’s the basic discipline in running a successful social media strategy. It’s high time to up the game in your social media presence and start writing, reading, sharing, engaging. My goodness! Just start anything at all.

If you are based in Singapore, we conduct coaching and workshops for SMEs, and we encourage you to tap into this opportunity if not similar opportunities to get you started in the social media game.

Do you have anything specific in mind this year? Post your comment below. We want to hear from you.



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